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Highly Flexible Diaphragm Coupling (Variflex Coupling)


Highly Flexible Diaphragm Coupling (Variflex Coupling)

Please note that ESBI is no longer known as "ESBI-VULKAN". ESBI no more manufacture VULKAN branded coupling or VULKAN Spares. According to "Global Settlement Agreement" between VULKAN KUPPLUNGS -und GETRIEBEBAU Bernhard Hackforth GmbH & Co. KG / Germany and ESBI and others, we no more produce VULKAN EZ spares or VULKAN EZS spares or VULKAN EZR spare, neither we use the code no. of series EZ, EZS and EZR. We do have alternative code nos. of our products, which carry the brand "ESBI" only.

ESBI Highly Flexible Couplings have been successful in the field of Power transmission since the early 1970's. Primarily, the success story is ascribed to the torque-transmitting element; a pair of identical rubber diaphragms, reinforced with fabric plies and steel laminations to produce flexibility and durability for optimum torque transmission.

Biggest Diaphragm Coupling ESBI has references, all over the world, that they have been successful in supplying the highly flexible couplings & spare rubber elements in marine main propulsion drives, generator drives and auxiliary drives. Our in-house test facilities shall prove that quality of our products is at par with German manufacturers and we do give warranty for supply of spares also.

Salient Features

  • Multidirectional flexibility

  • High damping characteristics.

  • Low dynamic torsional stiffness resulting in low natural frequency of the drive system thus keeping the critical speeds below the operation speeds

  • Rupture Torque is about 6 to 9 times the nominal torque

  • Needs no lubrication

  • Torque range from 22Kgm to 30,700Kgm.


ESBI's enormous reference list on Highly Flexible Couplings includes Marine Main Propulsion, Diesel Driven Generators, Pumps and compressors, arduous applications in Cement & Steel Plants, Paper & Sugar Mills, Textiles & Chemical Industries, Oil Refineries, Locomotive Drives, etc.

In India, ESBI Highly Flexible Couplings are established with O. E. Manufacturers like :

  • KOEL

  • MWM

  • Greaves Ltd.(erstwhile Ruston & Hornsby)

  • Wartsila

  • Pielstick

  • Cummins

  • Detroit Diesel

  • MAN

  • MAK

  • Caterpillar

  • Creppelle

  • Sulzar

  • Atlas Copco


  • ELGI


Catalogue of Highly Flexible Diaphragm Couplings and Spares

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